The mystery of Dan's Itchy face.
Itchy face.

For years and years, I would joke with my husband Dan, that I was allergic to him. Sounds crazy, right? I honestly, truly thought, I must have some sort of an allergy to him! 

Here's why...

After any type of passionate smooching, my face would be as red as a beet. I assumed, it was the natural oils from his, wiry, black facial hair and skin.  

This silly joke continued for as long as I can remember. 

One spring morning, our oldest daughter, Avery, woke us up, by bounding into our bedroom and announcing, "Good morning mommy, good morning daddy!".
 I invited Avery to come snuggle with us as we slowly entered the day. She happily joined us as we hugged and kissed our precious girl. 

Dan was kissing Avery and rubbing noses with her. She giggled,
 "daddy, your beard is tickling me", 
so of course, he continued to amuse her with his stubbly facial hair. 

A few minutes later I noticed that Avery's face was all red! Just how my face gets, when I kiss Dan! So I did what any logical, I mean silly, person would do... 

I joked that Avery is also allergic to Dan! 

We got a chuckle out of my declaration, and continued on with our day. 

The redness both Avery and I experienced would subside quickly, so we never gave it much thought, beyond my silly joke. 


As I prepare to teach many others who are suffering from respiratory illness and other bioaccumulation symptoms, this memory came to the front of my mind.

I can not remember the last time either Avery or myself have experienced a red face after kissing or snuggling with Dan. In fact it's been years! 

It wasn't Dan's hair or skin that causing the irritation... IT WAS HIS AFTERSHAVE AND COLOGNE!

It's quite remarkable that years later, I finally figured it out!!!

As you begin to rid your home and yourself of toxins, keep in mind, the little things that contributed to your triggers, and how it will play a part in your own recovery story. 

Oh and that word bioaccumulation? Bioaccumulation is the gradual accumulation of substances, such as pesticides or other chemicals, in an organism. Even though our bodies have a detoxification system, when we are overloaded, symptoms, and triggers will show up. 

If you or someone you love is suffering, we want to help! We have a community of others, just like you, who are embracing natural ways to improve respiratory health. We share up-to-date resources, to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters, in learning what foods, products and nutrionals are helpful and safe, and which are not. 

We are sharing our experiences with you. Please be sure to consult your doctor. 
The information in this video is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

xoxo Liz

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