One of the first ways Dan and I started to make our home safer for his lung health, was to identify Asthma triggers. Did you think I would say IDENTIFY and REMOVE? Nope!

Identifying triggers is a whole job in itself. And for us it was truly the very first place to begin...

Here are some household items to look into: 
  1. cleaning products
  2. perfumes and colognes
  3. shaving products
  4. air fresheners
  5. candles
  6. laundry products
  7. hair care products
  8. lotions 
  9. soaps
  10. toys
I can't possibly be suggesting that you get rid of everything on this list, am I? Not exactly!
Let's break each of these down a bit more!

Let's start at the top with number one, cleaning products
I remember when I was old enough to help out with household chores, my mom had me start in the bathroom. I think she figured it was a small space, and I would also learn good life lessons. One of those lessons was which cleaning products not to combine and to open the window! 

My mom explained that these cleaners were toxic and I could become ill if I inhaled them for too long and... some could even be deadly if combined! Whoa! And you wanted ME to be in charge of such a dangerous task?

Okay, so back to cleaning products! Most of the conventional cleaners sold in our stores have warnings on the back. And most are extremely toxic to human beings, especially those with pulmonary issues! These cleaners have a strong chemical fragrance that lingers. 

Remember, we are just identifying triggers. Go ahead and make a  list all of the cleaners in your home with warnings on the labels. 

Number two, perfumes and colognes:
Do you, or anyone in your home, wear perfume or cologne? If your answer is yes, add this to your asthma triggers list!

Number three, shaving products: 
When I worked as a Pre-K assistant teacher, we often would use shaving cream as an art activity. Shaving creams most usually contain fragrance which is not good for anyone, especially an asthmatic. 

I also recall both myself and my oldest daughter, have skin irritation after kissing/snuggling with my husband, Dan. It turns out it was his AFTERSHAVE! Imagine how that aftershave was also affecting his lung health!

Number four, air fresheners. 
Air fresheners like plug-ins, sprays, and the ones you find in public restrooms are one of the worst offenders when it comes to respiratory health. Heck, when it comes to health in general! If you have these in your home, put these at the top of the list. You can even jump ahead and just toss these now! I promise everyone in your family will feel better!

Number five, candles. 
I know, I know! The ambiance! They are just so pretty! And the smell so yummy!!! 
You can do it friend, add these to your list. 
I promise it will be okay. 
Did you know burning a candle is equivalent to smoking a cigarette??? 
It's a bummer, but if I was able to do it, I know you can too!

Number six, laundry.
Dryer sheets are up there with candles and air fresheners. And toxic laundry soap (with the same labels as the cleaners) are right behind them. 
The worst part about laundry products is they are in the fibers of our clothes. Our clothes are in our closest and dressers, outgassing as we sleep. Our bodies are at rest and we are breathing in those toxins. This was a big discovery for us. 

Number seven, hair care. 
If you use shampoo or conditioner, hair spray, or styling products, that contain FRAGRANCE, these should be added to the list too. 

Number eight, lotions. 
Same as 7, if your lotions contain any ingredient that says fragrance, it's not safe. The good news is there are planty of unscented options available!

Number nine, soaps. 
Again, same as 7 and 8.

Number ten, toys. 
This is one you may not encounter if you aren't a parent, But some kids toys have fragrance added. Remember the Strawberry Shortcake Doll from the 80's? She smelled like strawberries. Toxic, weird strawberries. But it's not just scented toys that are offenders, it's also toys that are plastic. Many outgas into your environment when you take them out of the packaging. A way to avoid this is open them up, outside and let them stay outside for a day or two. 

Now that you know what types of items to look for, make a list and I will offer some suggestions in my next blog how to start your journey, eliminating these items little, by little. 

The process of cleaning up the air in our home has made a huge difference in my husband, Dan's, respiratory health! 

If you or someone you love is suffering, we want to help! We have a community of others, just like you, who are embracing natural ways to improve respiratory health. We share up-to-date resources, to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters, in learning what foods, products and nutrionals are helpful and safe, and which are not. 

We are sharing our experiences with you. Please be sure to consult your doctor. 
The information in this video is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

xoxo Liz

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