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Meet Liz Bourguet

Hi! I'm Liz, happily married, mom through international adoption, and business owner. 

For years I lived in fear and constant worry. It was my dream to own a business, but being an entrepreneur quickly became a nightmare. 

Between staffing issues, mounting debt and taxes, there was more worry than joy. 

On top of business and financial struggles, my husband's asthma and the side effects from his medication (like cramping, irritability, and depression), crippled our marriage.

The stress affected every aspect of my life ... I convinced myself, if I worked even harder, and made more money, everything would be okay. 

Then one day, God answered my prayers and I was introduced to a different way of running not only my business, but my life! I was amazed that there were other women, just like me, who were experiencing similar struggles, AND were able to get past it, and rediscover their joy.

Now my life is completely different. 

I am able to sleep peacefully without all the worry.
Dan hasn't used a rescue inhaler in years! 
I am no longer living with worry. 
We are fearless!


I couldn't imagine how our lives would have turned out if we hadn't discovered another way!

  • For one, I can say we most likely wouldn't have adopted our daughters from China. 
  • Also, my own health and fitness, wouldn't have improved.
  • We've wouldn't have been able to help thousands of others learn how to  build a life of abundance!
I'm on a mission to help tons of women, break free and empower themselves with the knowledge and resources I've worked so hard for! 

Come join our group of momtrepeneurs and learn how you can find freedom with the knowledge and info we share in our exclusive community.

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