Hi! I'm Liz Bourguet, happily married, mom through international adoption, and entrepreneur.

For years I lived in survival mode. Being a busy entrepreneur, wife and mom, I was constantly going, going, going,  with little time to take care of myself. 

I seemed to never get enough sleep, have much energy, my brain was on overdrive and I could not focus. This lead to feelings of failure, and all I could do was survive rather than excel.

I was exhausted, emotionally, physically and mentally. It seemed no matter what I did, I was always drained. 

The stress of living in mediocrity affected every aspect of my life. It was like I lost myself. All of my hopes and dreams for the future turned into a focus only on survival, with no way out. 

I would have moments when I just wished I had someone to talk to. I wondered if I had made a major mistake not getting a regular 9-5 job. Life became painful. I would cry in the shower feeling desperate for something to change.
The worst part was my husband wondered what had happened to the fierce woman he had fallen in love with?

Then one day, God answered my prayers and my friend introduced me to a different way of living! I was amazed that there were other women, just like me, who were experiencing similar struggles, AND were able to get past it, and rediscover ZEST for life!

Now my life is completely different. 

I am able to sleep and have energy when I'm awake!
I am no longer living in mediocrity!
I am excited to live life to the fullest each day with time for my professional and personal life!


I couldn't imagine how our lives would have turned out if we hadn't discovered another way!

I'm on a mission to help tons of women, break free from the mindset of, "I feel this way because this is what happens due to _________________",(fill in the blank).

Come join our group of Nutrient Fixers and learn how you can feel like you did years ago with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community.

Ready to live and learn along with us?